Message From Yarima

Hello and Welcome, nice of you to drop in, giving me the chance to share with you my love of Cuban music and dance. I come from Havana, Cuba, where music is in the air we breathe, and dancing is part of everyday life. You see it in the way we walk, swinging the hips, relaxed and sensual, with rhythm and attitude.

As children, we grow up watching our family members dance and party at home, and in the neighborhood. As soon as we can walk, we start copying the older kids, as they practice the latest dance styles in the street. It’s a natural occupation that is encouraged and enjoyed, and kids quickly learn that ‘bustin’ a move’ is rewarded with laughter, applause and warm appreciation from those watching.

Cuba is a poor country in economic terms but we are rich in culture. Our music has traveled and fused with other popular styles, influencing musicians all over the world. Likewise our dance styles, salsa in particular, but also cha-cha-cha and mambo have been embraced by dancers everywhere.

Many of my students have now traveled to Cuba and have come back to spread their enthusiasm for my country, its music and its people. Now, when I visit my family in Havana, I often see people I know from Australia dancing in the clubs or walking in the streets. I am not surprised because I know the connection between the two countries is growing and will continue to grow as more people are inspired to travel to my special island in the Caribbean.

Now in Australia, I want to entertain you with my Cuban approach to Dance and Entertainment.

I will bring Cuban heat to your party, corporate function or club night. I will dance with joy and passion, and entertain your guests. I will teach you to dance Cuban Style either by coming to a class or by private lesson. Please investigate my website, contact me, and hopefully we meet soon to share dancing and music!

With Love and Laughter,