Yarima is an inspiring teacher and mentor. She has a powerful energy that is infectious! Her style of teaching is both exciting and honest- she will motivate you and give you necessary feedback. I have learnt so much from her, from basic Cuban steps to more complex body movement. Her lessons are so much fun, and I have made some of my closest friends in them! She is a captivating dancer and she will ALWAYS greet you with a genuine smile! Her influence extends beyond dancing- once you have learnt from her you will come out not only a better dancer but also with a confidence that flows over into everyday life.

Olivia Brancatisano - Feb 2017

Yarima is an incredible teacher who cares for and builds up her beginner students and challenges her more advanced students while also constantly being cheerful and exciting even when injured or tired. It's such a pleasure to be in a class with her and I've met some people in this class I now consider some of my closest friends.

Koya Evans - Feb 2017

I'll start by saying that i have genuinely never looked forward more to wednesday nights!!! i started cuba baila classes in the middle of my HSC final exams and, honestly, there couldn't be a more perfect antidote to the massive stress of that period. i've had so much fun messing up and shaping up as a dancer. after 3 months of classes with the beautiful Yarima i think i've improved and learned so much ALL thanks to her! yarima is not only a mindblowingly beautiful dancer and the definitive Reina de Salsa Cubana (in my eyes at least) but an amazing, warm teacher who somehow manages to inspire and help everybody in the weekly short space of an hour.

private lessons with yarima also work miracles and i highly recommend them for the more personal advice!

i'm heartbroken to have to leave just as i start but i know that what i've learned over the past few months has set me up for a lifetime (i hope) of salsa, hopefully one day in cuba! A+++ recommendation to anyone who is at all interested in taking up salsa (biased tip: cuban is better than LA )!

finalmente gracias por todo yarima! me ha encantado todo mi tiempo bailando con tigo  hasta la proxima!

Lulu Alvarez-Mon - Dec 2016

I feel happy just arriving at Yarima's class. She is so warm and welcoming to everyone. I recently did the four week ladies styling, and it was packed with moves and tips to look more Cuban...lots of learning just by following. I wish it were on every week!

Anna Brennan - Apr 2017

Love Yarima. She's warm, she's fun, she's high-energy and she's a terrific teacher of Cuban Salsa. I am really enjoying her classes at her North Curl Curl venue...spacious room, lots of male students attending her classes, and a great mix of ages.

Highly recommend her classes.

Fiona Sullivan - Mar 2017

Love it! Love it! Love Yarima! It's honestly the highlight of my week. She's so inspirational and vivacious it makes it fun even if I'm not getting the moves "right". Great for the soul and connecting with people.

Lauren Waite - Mar 2017

Yarima has the soul and spirit of a true Cubana and gives her heart in each one of her energetic Cuban dance classes.

Her school provides much more than dance steps for you to follow as she shares her dance as well as her culture and celebrates life!

Yarima creates opportunities to expand our horizons to all things Cuban. She extends our world as she arranges meaningful adventures in Cuba throughout the year.

Join Yarima's heartfelt Cuban experience and enjoy!!

Paula Oriana - Feb 2017

I love Yarima, her smile when she dances is contagious, my students loved her when we she was teaching for us. Can't wait to have her again in the Eastern suburbs

Johnny Campos - Mar 2017

These aren't just classes it's a community the classes Yarima runs make all feel welcome and the feeling of self satisfaction you'll get from learning a new move is something else.

It's a great way to break out of your shell.

Cody Chockman - Feb 2017

Yarima is the best dance teacher I have ever met.

She is not only great teacher but also wonderful person who cares with warm heart and smile. Every time I see her, she lit up everyones spirits with her love of music and dance.

I recommend everyone to take her cuban salsa lesson.

If you want to fun fun fun dance lesson, Yarima's Cuba Baila is the one!!!!

Sumi Da - Aug 2016

Dancing with Yarima is a breath of fresh air. I stumbled across her classes in the last few months but am so glad I did. She has an infectious smile, warmth and generosity of spirit and it spills over to such a fun class that inevitably I get told off for being cheeky or not paying attention ;). She has other warm and friendly teachers in her class am I'm loving being part of this cuban salsa community. Every week it lifts me up, makes me smile and brings out the best! Thanks Yarima, keep shining bright. If interested in trying out come along, everyone is welcome, you won't regret it.

Brent Carryer - Apr 2016

I've been taking private classes with Yarima for a few months now. I remember the first class I was just blown away at how Yarima made it feel like we had known each other for years, her warmth made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. Since then Yarima has never failed to leave me feeling amazing after each class. I especially love how she picks up on my mood and tailors the class tempo to it and then mixes in all different forms of Cuban dancing to make it fresh and new every time!

Her smile and energy is infectious and once you start with Yarima you can't stop!

Ben 'Red' Wilderink - Apr 2016

Yarima is a vibrant, charismatic, professional, patient and fun dance teacher. She lives and breathes Cuban flavour, this is what our area on the Northern Beaches needs! Go to dance with Yarima. I have been having private dance classes for two terms now and will continue. This is the highlight of my week. I am ready to hit the dance floor and also wanting to go on a Cuban tour with Yarima in the next couple of years. Thank you for bringing such joy and freedom of spirit into my life x

Heidi Lee Warta - Apr 2016

Dancing with the charismatic Yarima is fun and easy. Her style is earthy, authentic and very Cuban. With Yarima, I feel the dance rather than just learn the steps. My day is always brighter after a class with Yarima…

Stefan Grell - Aug 2016

The most fun you'll ever have dancing! - if you are looking to learn Salsa and also have fun, this classes are for you! Love Yarima's vibrant and happy energy!

Yoendris Rodriguez - Sep 2016

Yarima is puro energia! Her smile lights up the room, yet her presence speaks volume from years of cuban dance culture and experience. Her teachings are simple to understand but are a challenge to master.Yarima is one of my most inspirational cuban female artists in Australia. A lo Cubano na ma! 

Lukas Enciso - Apr 2016

When Yarima is Instructing, performing or social dancing, all eyes are on Yarima. Yarima one of the stars at the Newcastle Latin Festival. Yarima brings to you a wonderful energy & colourful presence . Not only do you learn how to dance, you learn history behind such moves and where it came from. You begin to understand dance in a unique way that Is a highlighted with her passionate and expressive nature. If you ever wanted to go to Cuba, but have yet to go, then you need to speak to Yarima and she will bring the Cuban experience to you. Para ti y para mi !!!!!

Martín Gomez - Mar 2015

Love Yarima's infectious energy and zest for life. I learned so much about Cuban culture, not just dance steps, by taking classes with Yarima. Hard to think of a single class where I didn't learn something new and that I didn't laugh out loud - you're such a joy to be around Yarima!!

Kathy Seymour - Apr 2016

I was lucky enough to attend an afro Cuban isolations workshop on run by Yarima on the 14th of March, and was blow away by how much I learnt and took on. The energy Yarima shared with the group, and the way that each shape and movement was broken down made it easy to understand and fun to learn.

Steven Goldsmith - Mar 2015

I did my first workshop with Yarima a couple of years ago at the Rueda festival. My hips have learnt to move in a whole new way! She is constantly smiling, is very cheeky and so inspiring to learn from. Such an inspirational dance teacher and performer...I'm so happy to have joined her again this year! Can't wait for more!!!

Cheryl Crowell - Nov 2015