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Get your Cuban fix with Cuba Baila™. Created by Australia's only authentic professional female Cuban entertainer, Yarima Gavilan Herrera, Cuba Baila™ is all about Cuban and Caribbean dance, performance, music, culture and travel.

At Cuba Baila™, Yarima and her team use their extensive training and experience to offer a broad range of services ranging from dance and fitness classes, specialised and professionally designed dance and music workshops and courses, private dance lessons, choreographed performances for various events ranging from private parties to major corporate events and now, tours of Cuba with Cuba Baila™ Tours and Cuba Exotica Tours.

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Come and join our warm and inclusive Cuba Baila ™ family where you can enjoy Cuban dance, music, fitness and travel while forming lifetime friendships.

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What We Do

Dance Classes and Specialist Workshops

Cuba Baila™ teaches a range of dance styles with a Cuban flavour to spice up your dance repertoire. Dance styles range from classic Cuban Salsa to modern day Reggaeton and includes fitness ZUMBA classes to build your stamina. Come and join our regular classes on Wednesdays and Fridays in North Curl Curl. 

In addition to the regular weekly classes, Cuba Baila™ holds specialist workshops, dance bootcamps and professionally designed dance courses in body movement, Bachata, classic Cuban styles such as Son, Afro-Cuban dance and Cuban music.
Cuba Baila™ also offers private dance lessons with its founder and head instructor, Yarima.

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Cuba Baila Tours

Cuba Baila™ Tours and Cuba Exotica Tours take you through Cuba’s rich culture and history. Immerse yourself in Cuba through Music, Dance and Culture on a fully escorted and organised adventure tour of this unique and colourful island nation.

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Let the Cuba Baila™ team entertain you with professionally choreographed performances designed just for your event. Experience exciting rhythms and exhilarating dance routines and allow us to bring some tropical spice to your event.

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Our Team

Yarima Gavilan

Founder, Director & Head Instructor

Yarima was born in Cuba and trained at The Tropicana School and Teatro America for Cabaret dance...

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Michel Concepcion

Afro Cuban Maestro, Performer, Instructor

Professional Cuban Dance Teacher, Choreographer and Performer Hailing from the streets of Havana.

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Michiko Ban

Dancer, Teacher & Performer

Michiko has won several dance competitions and performed at Salsa Congresses, Festivals...

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Stefan Grell

Co-instructor with Yarima for ‘ZUMBA Cuban Style’

Stefan is a versatile dancer who has studied, performed and competed in many partner dancing styles...

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